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Aquaponics is an ingenious and sustainable method of growing food that utilizes natural ecological principles to cultivate healthy, organic leafy greens, fruit and vegetables, as well as fish, in a closed loop system. It is rapidly growing in popularity due to the many benefits it offers over conventional gardening. While the process is relatively simple, the initial setup may seem daunting to the uninitiated. However, there are a number of kits on the market that are simple to setup and therefore ideal for those that are tackling this for the first time. There are also DIY guides for those who prefer to build their own aquaponics system rather than buy a complete off-the-shelf aquaponics kit, as well as several highly recommended courses that cover everything you need to know and teaches you how to get your system up and running smoothly in no time at all.

Best Aquaponic Systems is an online guide that strives to help those new to aquaponics choose the perfect system for their needs by outlining the different qualities that each system has to offer, highlighting the pros and cons of each, and providing links to various online retailers to find the best deals.

We have also provided information on aquaponics topics and links to additional resources related to aquaponics to help you get your system up and running smoothly, and to help you get the most out of the aquaponics system that you choose. Browse through the resource articles to learn more about aquaponics, or if you feel that you are ready to dive right in, scroll down and read through the reviews of the best aquaponic systems below.

Best Aquaponic Systems:  Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Choosing an Aquaponics System

When choosing an aquaponics system there are a number of factors to consider in order to get a system that is most suitable for your situation:

Where are you going to set they system up?

Are you going to set your aquaponics system up indoors or outdoors? This will ultimately determine the amount of space you will need and whether you will need artificial grow lights for your plants.

How much natural light is available?

Plants need sunlight to grow. If you are going to be setting up indoors and sunlight is limited you will need UV grow lights to ensure your plants flourish. Many of the indoor kits come with grow lights included in the package.

How much space is available?

If you are going to set up indoors and space is limited then a smaller, compact aquaponic system would be a better choice. However, if you are going to set your system up outdoors and you have loads of space you may prefer to go bigger as this will allow you to grow more produce.

How much experience do you have with aquaponics?

If you are new to aquaponics, a complete system that contains everything you need, including clear instructions, is a good choice. Also, a smaller system may be a better option until you get a feel for how aquaponics works and your system is running smoothly. You can always expand or add to it as your confidence builds, or set up a bigger system outdoors.

Complete Aquaponics Kit vs DIY Aquaponic Systems

Firstly you will need to decide whether you want to purchase an off-the-shelf system or if you’d rather roll up your sleeves and go the DIY route and construct your own from various materials. If you are technically challenged or have two left thumbs then an off-the-shelf system that contains everything you need to get your system set up, together with clear instructions on how to set it up, may be what you need. If on the other hand you feel perfectly comfortable wielding a hammer and saw then you may prefer the DIY option. There are also DIY kits available that have some of the necessary components, yet allow a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing other components such as the tank and/or grow bed. All these options will be discussed in more detail on the pages within this site.

Best Aquaponic Systems: Review of Aquaponic Kits

Please note that the product reviews below are not listed according to any ranking. We have selected and rated these aquaponic systems after conducting extensive research, and believe that all these products are great and offer different benefits depending on your requirements. More details, including overall product ratings based on specific features, can be found on the individual product pages.

ECO-Cycle Home Aquaponics Kit w Dual T5 HO Grow

The ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit is an indoor plug-n-play aquaponics system that enables anybody to easily grow organic food or ornamental plants at home, in the office, or in the classroom. This self-contained aquaponics kit is the perfect choice for teachers (and home-schooling parents) who wish to use aquaponics as a learning tool in the classroom as it comes with a STEM-K12 curriculum and lesson plan. All that is needed is a 20 gallon  aquarium with a footprint of 12x24 inches, water, fish and plant seeds. Follow the simple instructions and you will soon reap your rewards.

AquaUrban Solo Aquaponics Systems

The AquaUrban Solo aquaponics system is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an all in one system that is pleasing to the eye. This system has a classy modern design and comes in a range of colors — simply choose a shade that will best suit your interior design —  yet it is extremely durable and can also be used outdoors. This feature, together with its compact design, offers great flexibility in terms of where it can be placed. The system has support for grow lights, which are an optional extra and don’t come included in the kit, and may be needed if sunlight is not available.

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponics System

The Springworks Microfarm Aquaponics System is another tool for transforming a standard fish tank into a productive indoor aquaponic garden. This system is perfect if you wish to have a supply of freshly grown herbs readily available to add to your culinary delights and at the same time liven up a corner of your living room or kitchen with ornamental fish. It is the ideal choice if you already have a 10 gallon fish tank that can be upcycled into an aquaponics feature in your home. It includes everything you need to get up and running, including grow light, grow bed and grow media, as well as a pump and timer to put things on auto-pilot.

Back to the Roots Aquafarm

The Back to the Roots Aquafarm is a low-maintenance aquaponic system that fits comfortably on a countertop. Its small, compact design allows it to be set up in any room in your home, while the clear tank allows kids to easily view the fish within. The Back to the Roots Water Garden Tank provides a healthy environment for your fish and a fantastic way to grow fresh herbs, salad greens and sprouts indoors. This aquaponic kit is easy to set up and contains everything you need to get started with micro aquaponics. A great education tool  that produces and delivers fresh organic food right in your kitchen!