Aquaponic Gardening Book by Sylvia Bernstein

Aquaponic gardening book by Sylvia Bernstein

Aquaponic Gardening: A Step By Step Guide on Raising Vegetables and Fish Together

Whether you are new to aquaponics or have been at it for a while, we highly recommend the definitive aquaponic gardening book on DIY aquaponics, Aquaponic Gardening: A Step By Step Guide on Raising Vegetables and Fish Together, written by aquaponics guru and pioneer, Syliva Bernstein.

This authoritive aquaponic gardening book serves as a step-by-step aquaponics manual, providing all the information you need to help you choose the best aquaponic system for your needs (or expand an existing system), together with practical guidelines to help you set up and maintain your aquaponic garden so that you can enjoy delicious, wholesome, homegrown food throughout the year.

Topics the Aquaponic Gardening Book Covers

The manual starts by outlining the theory of aquaponics, as well as the benefits of aquaponic gardening and the potential this method of producing food offers.

It then systematically provides a comprehensive guide on the various components that make up an aquaponic system, together with important things to consider when setting up your system, including:

  • Things to consider with regard to system location
  • Hardware component
  • Living elements of the system — plants, fish, worms and bacteria
  • Putting your system together — how to start and maintain a healthy aquaponics system.

An Easy to Understand Aquaponic Gardening Book for Everyone

While this aquaponics guide covers some very technical and scientific concepts, it is presented in an easy to understand format that even the technically challenged will not have difficulty understanding. It includes a touch of humor, together with stories, quotes and images from other aquaponic gardeners throughout the text, which brings it to life and makes it accessible to everyone from the uninitiated to seasoned aquaponics gardeners.

For anyone interested in producing the own supply of organic food (herbs, fruit, vegetables and fish — or even shrimps), aquaponics is the perfect sustainable food system. Aquaponics systems utilize the basic principles of ecology to produce food that is 100% organic. Not only does aquaponics produce a supply of wholesome food, aquaponics systems use 90% less water than conventional vegetable gardens and produce 4-6 times more food, making them more sustainable and more productive.

There are many other advantages to this method of growing food: no weeds, no watering, fewer pests, no need for fertilizers, and no need for laborious tasks such as weeding, digging, bending, heavy lifting, spraying for pests, etc, etc. There are so many benefits, and really no drawbacks to this method of producing food.

The Go-To Aquaponics Reference Aquaponic gardening book by Sylvia Bernstein

This comprehensive manual is one of the best, if not the best aquaponics book out there. Anyone interested in learning how to be self-sufficient by growing organic food in their own home, basement, terrace or backyard, will benefit from this practical step by step aquaponics guide, which will prove invaluable as a DIY aquaponics reference for years to come.

Available from Amazon in Both Kindle and Paperback versions