AquaUrban Solo Aquaponic System Review

Designer Aquaponic System

The AquaUrban Solo aquaponic system is an aesthetically pleasing modern design that will compliment any home, office or classroom. The system is constructed from durable molded plastic with the fish tank and grow bed combined in a single unit, and comes in a variety of stylish colors. This aquaponics system is perfect for growing edible fruits and veggies, salad greens, herbs or ornamental plants and can comfortably house around half a dozen goldfish or between 10-15 guppies. This system will enhance any room with its stylish design — ornamental fish and plants will liven things up even more.

Type of Aquaponic System

The AquaUrban Solo aquaponic system is part of the AquaUrban range, specifically designed to be compact, trendy and stylish to compliment a modern living/working environment. This system is suitable for indoor (home, office, and classroom) use, and as it is also suitable for outdoor use, it can also be placed on a patio or balcony making it suitable for apartment dwellers or those who have limited indoor space.

Special Features

Choice of Colors

The AquaUrban Solo Aquaponic System is available in seven colors —  Light Granite, Dark Granite, Terra-cotta, Sandstone, Black, Red Brick and Aspen Blue — allowing you to choose a shade that best fits your decor.

Durable Construction

The unit is constructed from durable food-grade polyethylene that is resistant to mold and mildew as well as rot and rust, and is thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The opaque tank limits light penetration and thus reduces algae buildup. It is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Additional Information

  • It is designed to be child and pet safe
  • The system requires minimal assembly and is a breeze to clean and maintain
  • Approximate dimensions: 41″W x 21″D x 32″H (69″H with light bar)

What’s Included in the AquaUrban Solo Aquaponic System

The all-inclusive AquaUrban Solo Aquaponics system supplied by AquaponicSouce contains everything you need to get started with aquaponics — just add water together with your choice of fish and plants. However, bear I mind that if the system is going to be placed in an area that does not have access to sunlight, a grow light may be needed as well.

The AquaUrban Aquaponic System includes:

✓ 40 gallon Fish Tank + Integrated Grow Bed

✓ Submersible Pump (160 gallons/hour) & Filter System

✓ Bar to attach trellis or hang grow light (trellis/grow light not included)

✓ 60 liters Expanded Clay Grow Media

✓ Nitrifying Bacteria to help cycle the system

✓ Powdered Seaweed

✓ Water Dechlorinating Agent

✓ Medium Buffer Bag to help maintain optimal trace element and pH levels

✓ Instruction manual

Modern aquaponics system

Setting up the AquaUrban Solo Aquaponic System

As this aquaponic system is an integrated molded unit, there is really nothing much that needs to be assembled. Consequently, it is pretty straight forward to set up and get up and running quickly and without any fuss.


  • Water: Add the dechlorinator (included) to the water to remove chlorine before adding fish. Alternatively let the water stand overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate, or use distilled water.
  • Fish: Once the water has been correctly conditioned, introduce fish to the tank. The tank can accommodate 6 large goldfish or up to 15 guppies, but it is best to start with fewer fish until the system is properly cycled and the beneficial bacteria has had a chance to establish itself in the system.



✓ Aesthetically pleasing design

✓ Extremely durable

✓ Can be used indoors and outdoors (great for apartment dwellers)

✓ Simple to setup

✓ Integrated tank and grow bed

✓ Contains everything you need to get started



  • Grow light not included – may require additional lighting
  • A bit on the small side
  • Not readily expandable



AquaUrban Solo Aquaponic System


Ease of Use


Instructions / Support






Customer Rating



  • Rugged Design
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Simple setup
  • Compact System for Indoor use
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • A bit on the small side
  • Not readily expandable
  • No grow lights included
  • Quite pricey

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